To All Full-time Members:

Here is the Preliminary Schedule for the Class and Compensation Study:

  • December 12, 2016 – Kick-off Meetings at Various Locationskick-off-mtgs-ccs
  • Kick-off Mtg Pres 12-12-16
  • PAQs* Due to Supervisors 1-6-17
    • Very Important Step
    • Who better than you knows what you do?
    • Best to Provide Your Own Input, Or Others May Define Your Position
  • Late Jan/Early February 2017- Interviews/Desk Audits/Field “Ride-Alongs”
  • Goal March 2017 – Completed Study
  • Bargaining on Study Results – March- End of Bargaining for Next MOU

It is recommended that those with similar job classifications collaborate at least in the beginning on the following tasks:

  1. obtain and review your job specifications and any other related ones as well (from the City and other Cities).
  2. To begin reviewing key materials, click on the below:
  3. review all relevant job specifications and circle all essential functions and duties in the job specifications.
  4. Each day, take notes and be thinking about what your daily job functions are.
  5. List ALL of this information in your final PAQ form and also attach any relevant job specs (with circled items) to your final PAQs.
  6. You may request to be interviewed individually or have a desk or field audit of your job on your final PAQ.

Completing PAQs:

  • You may complete PAQs either electronically or by hand.
  • As with anything this important, KEEP A COPY of your final form.

Team collaboration per job position will help make sure all essential functions are identified and listed in PAQs even if you still opt to submit individually.

You may:

  1. submit PAQs, either as a group (if all agree and sign off on one), or
  2. submit PAQs individually.

Job interviews may also be done:

  1. collectively, or
  2. individually.

Even if you collaborate in gathering information and filling out forms, you can still sign and modify your own version of the PAQ where your duties may vary.   Forms may be jointly completed or individually completed.

  • Thoroughly filling out the PAQs for each position is critical to an accurate outcome of the class compensation study.
  • The City has made clear that this is a priority and that work time can be used for this task.
  • If you have any challenges, please contact any of your Chapter Board representatives for assistance.  (Mike, Monica, Nancy & Lori  have been representing you from the Joint Labor Management Team, but you may contact any Board Member for assistance).
  • The City’s Intranet Site is also available when on a City Computer for additional information, updates, and personnel contacts:


*Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQs)