• True or False? Work was previously done to set-up a trust for a full-timer’s medical subsidy. False. There is no Full-time trust nor any existing effort to establish one.   However, there are two Part-Time Non Civil Service (PTNCS) trusts for SEIU 721 Santa Ana Chapter, PTNCS members:  one was set-up in 2015* with the union/SEIU “Local” for the 400+PTNCS members to have a future partial medical reimbursement option and a previous trust which was established and has New PTNCS benefits available!  Both were previously bargained for by the PTNCS bargaining committee.   Benefits associated with the 2015 trust fund are anticipated to be available for eligible members next Spring 2016.  *Chapter members have a controlling interest majority (i.e. 3 of the 5 trustee board members) in the 2015 trust. All trustees have full fiduciary responsibility subject to the full force of the law and applicable regulations.

  • True or False? Based on the 96% to 4% preference indicated by the full-time member survey, the medical subsidy committee is working diligently to implement a new RHS (Retirement Health Savings) accounts with the City.  True. Contact Medical Retirement Subsidy Chair Nancy Robles at nrobles2007@gmail.com or 562-818-5045 for facts, updates, to assist, or to join the committee roster and/or info list. Meetings are most Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm at the Union Chapter Office and more volunteers to assist are always welcome and appreciated.
  • True or False? Is it true that the Full-time (FT) Bargaining Committee (BC) the same as the Chapter Board? False. In the past, this was the case. However, the Bylaws ratified by members in Fall 2014 set-up a new procedure where Bargaining Committees for each of our Chapter’s three units, hold elections for members within their unit to run to serve on the bargaining committee.