payroll-changes      Payroll Update!

Following contract approval on 11/17/15, the following changes are anticipated as follows:

  • Effective 12/5/15 Paycheck, the PERS contribution amount in your current check will reduce from 9% to 8%.
  • seasons_greetings_2007_by_pumakittenEffective 12/20/15 Paycheck, the 2.5% Salary Increase will take effect.
  • Effective 1/5/16 Paycheck, your medical selection for 2016 change will take effect.  If you changed to Kaiser HMO, your medical premium contribution amount should be zero.
  • Retro pay for the PERS rollback and salary increases will go back to 7/1/15.  However, retro pay will not be available before February 2016.
  • The tool & boot changes are effective for this fiscal year.
  • Now and already, ALL prior tiers can now cash-out up to the maximum vacation cash-out caps allowed!

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season!  

SEIU-Stronger TogetherAs we celebrate, let’s take a moment to remember our 10 County SEIU Union Brothers & Sisters who were killed and others who were wounded in the San Bernardino attack ….Let’s count our blessings, and keep them & their families in our hearts, thoughts & prayers this holiday season….