Dear Members

Together hands puzzleIMG_3571We are pleased to be able to provide you our new Chapter website!

The first 50 members who sign-up as subscribers for the website will be entered into the raffle at the SEIU Member Appreciation Event & Taco on Thursday 10/22/15–see below.  (Members must be present to be entered.)

Please keep in mind that this site will continue to be a “work in progress” for some time as we update the format and receive feedback.

The purpose of this website is to provide you as current information as feasible.  This information is accessible if you have a smartphone or access to a computer.

  • Because this site is on the world-wide-web, some information is only available to members.
  • To have full access to this information, you can become a subscriber.
  • Subscribers will also receive “push” notifications to keep you current.

Special thanks to Alex Green, our Volunteer Webmaster for his technical work in setting up this site.  As your Web Content Manager, I have been working together with our Webmaster, Committee Chairs, Board Members and other volunteers to provide you updated information, content, links, and graphics for the website.  Please let us know if you have feedback, positive (or some process improvement suggestions).  This has been a substantial volunteer effort and we appreciate you visiting this site.